Collapsed and Blocked Pipes

The primary elements that lead to the deterioration of Flexible PVC Pipes are:

1. Swollen Pipes:

A PVC Hose that is tied to a skimmer which is being utilized as a chlorine dispenser will inevitably over time start corroding and swelling up internally. Internal Swelling of the pipe is the deterioration of the plastic reinforcing which gives the pipe flexibility and strength. The pipe becomes brittle at these points and thus susceptible to rupturing.

2. Wet Terrain:

A pool leak, for instance, will moisten the earth, causing ground movement. Pipes are usually dragged and drawn with the ground.

3. Pool Pump:

If the requirement of the pool pump exceeds the capability of the existing pipe it will create hydrostatic stress.

4. Poor Backfill:

Any of, or a combination of the above, will ultimately manipulate the terrain these pipes are buried in, particularly if it’s loose rugged ground. Collapsed points occur where pipes are pressed against by hard pointed objects.




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